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Bedroom Design Ideas

You have a nice little place as your house? Or do you have a big place? You must not leave your rooms at just to being a space or place. You can add more to it and decorate all separate rooms side by side. First you need your bedroom to be decorated and the decoration […]

Wall Art As Elements Of Interior Design

One of the ways to enhance your interior decor and add personality and style is to introduce paintings, pictures and other similar wall art. They can turn any house into a home and reflect the personality of the property owner. You can tell a lot about a person by their choice of art. Also wall […]

Ideal Kitchen Design

You dont have to be a professional chef to have a well designed, practical and professional kitchen. Let’s discuss a few important points one needs to think about when planning your kitchen.  There is a very useful free tool I use all the time to help visualise my kitchen design. Lighting Working in the kitchen […]