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Kitchen Makeover Ideas and cleaning services Städning Stockholm

Your home is where you feel free. You have to be professional when dealing your career and other sorts of outside jobs. But when you are at home, you have full freedom. It is not just feeling free; a good selected Städning Stockholm can make the whole environment reflect your mentality. There are places you want to clean and freshen up. It’s okay to hire a professional cleaning service and it has become more and more normal to hire a maid to take care of your home or even offices cleaning needs even after a renovation or painting of your walls.

Don’t ignore your kitchens desinfection:
Start a makeover with all of them. It doesn’t mean that you have to empty your pocket for doing this job. Use some simple tricks to do it. Here you are going to learn how to clean your kitchen with services that are not costly but very nice to maintain and freshen up the kitchens atmosphere.

paint the walls:
If you want to give a new look anyway then it is wise to paint the walls. Find colours that are matched with your kitchen environment. Don’t use too much colour as it might not fit well. But if you are avoiding that cost then why not paint just one wall? It is very innovative to choose darker shade for that wall of the same colour which is applied on other three walls.

Painting old cabinets:
Are you moving to a new house? Or maybe your old cabinets are looking all flat? These problems are quite common today. Buying new ones might not always be a good choice as it is a costly option. Start painting. Give them new look with coats of paint that you like. Choose double colours to make it look more eye-catchy. But always remember to select colours that are matched with each others.

Change cabinet doors:
Is your cabinet not showing your beautiful tea sets? Your dinner sets are all hidden behind those old wooden doors? Switch them with glass-paneled doors for your cabinet. If it is too much costly for you then how about remove doors altogether? It might show all your kitchen prides and without any hindrance!

Improve kitchen hardware:
There are handles of your cabinets that might not fit any more with modern outlook. It is very easy to change and not that costly too. Choose wisely and avoid any personal likings of choosing odd pattern based leavers as they might not look as cute as it is today few months later. Find some colourful pulls and handles for your kitchen.

Time to buy new lights:
Yes it is time to change all your old lights and start using new ones! Go for the fashion and find some pendant lights. You can get them from many online stores where the prices are not that much either.

Choose bold kitchen appliances:
Find some colourful kitchen appliances for your own. They are very good when it comes to a colourful atmosphere. Toaster, mixer, juice maker, coffee maker and many others to choose from. Start shopping for things that are not too expensive.

New curtains:
This is what anyone thinks of when choosing a new look for any type of rooms. They just go out and buy a flashy curtain and hang it on the windows. But wait! You are choosing it for kitchen remember? If the window is near your sink then don’t use too much imagination on those curtains. Start choosing eye-soothing colours that are not much costly as you might want to change them frequently due to stains.

Bedroom Design Ideas

You have a nice little place as your house? Or do you have a big place? You must not leave your rooms at just to being a space or place. You can add more to it and decorate all separate rooms side by side. First you need your bedroom to be decorated and the decoration company that designed our entire house was byggstädning Stockholm. No matter what this place is where you get your rest. All of the rooms must equally be decorated to maintain a proper adjusting looks to your house. Better follow some rules and themes if you are trying it for the first time.

Traditional Loft BedroomLearning about the space:

It is time to measure your rooms. Bedroom can be a place to have a bed but there is other furniture that you can add. Placing them side by side and with best ways can make it look more comfortable. You spend most of your times in bedrooms and for a good night’s sleep, better start improving the décor of this room. Follow these ideas if you are trying to make it happen:

Go shopping:

Forget those old rags and curtains and start shopping for new ones. There are guidelines available online that can help you get away from costly goods. Find best possible choices with cheaper price. Don’t start believing that only costly things look good. Select mattresses, curtains and carpets with accordance to your wall paints. A matching set is a nice choice.

Beautiful BedroomTheme based:

There are options like choosing themes for your bedrooms. The interior designers are there to help you with some common choices with other exotic ones. These room designs are called master bedroom designs. If you have money and will to spend it then start with something like Scandinavian look for your bedroom.

Innovative ideas with storage:

Are you trying to make use of the space of your bedroom then go beyond than those old ways of storage and closets. Create your own innovative ideas. There are ways to decorate with beautiful furniture that have dual purposes. Some are used as storage and also as something more useful.

Modern BedroomColourful children’s bedroom:

If you are trying to build the bedroom for your kid then you must use your head as you have to keep the space and a feeling of a kid’s room. Using too much furniture is completely outside its syllabus. You must try some colours that resembles beautiful and childish atmosphere. More colours and colour patterns are good. But maintain a rhythm. Make sure it’s built in a way to uplift the mood of your kids.

A nice little space:

There are people who prefer smaller bedrooms than huge space with a fireplace. In the modern age, you can find people are busy with their life and don’t have enough time to complement how beautiful the furniture is set after a hard day’s work. Sleeping tight in a small yet comfortable space is what they want. Use smaller space but make it cosy.

Don’t get surprised with an awkward visit:

There are some places that are hardly visited by your guests. That is why everyone spent money on living rooms, dining rooms, hallways etc. But what if you have a curious guest? You don’t want to be embarrassed in front of them due to some boring bedroom decorations. Don’t ever leave a space for decorating your bedroom.

Wall Art As Elements Of Interior Design

One of the ways to enhance your interior decor and add personality and style is to introduce paintings, pictures and other similar wall art. They can turn any house into a home and reflect the personality of the property owner. You can tell a lot about a person by their choice of art. Also wall art adds sophistication and style like no other design element.

This, however, does not mean you have to re-mortgage your house in order to buy famous works of art. Reprints of classical paintings can do just as well but at a fraction of the price of the originals. At the end of the day any art is meant to be enjoyed regardless of the price. It doesn’t matter if it costs £10 or £10 million if you like it you should have it. Budget of course plays a big part but there are many options available today however deep (or shallow) your pockets are.

You must take into account your rooms interior when choosing wall art. Make sure the colours in the painting do not clash with the colours of the walls. A good practice is to choose a shade in the painting and paint the wall where it will be hanging a similar shade of that colour. That way the painting will become part of the wall and will blend into your interior seamlessly.

The style of the painting you chose should reflect the environment of the room. For instance, having a large painting or a print in the living dining room will make the room look larger and add class and grandeur. On the other hand, a long but not very high picture above your bed will make the room seem more comfortable and inviting. Many options are available these days. It can be a place you have visited, places you would like to visit, important people in your life or any other thing that means something to you could all be used as a great way to turn your house into your home.

In the kitchen pictures of tasty dishes and steaming coffee or tea could be very effective. It’s best to position them at an eye level for maximum effect. One thing to keep in mind though, is that you should never place paintings under direct sunlight. The colours can fade away and the painting will be ruined.

I hope you find this information useful and inspirational to get out there and start trying things out. Experiment with different styles to find your own unique combination.

Ideal Kitchen Design

You dont have to be a professional chef to have a well designed, practical and professional kitchen. Let’s discuss a few important points one needs to think about when planning your kitchen.  There is a very useful free tool I use all the time to help visualise my kitchen design.


Working in the kitchen is not without risks. There are sharp knives, hot pans and pots and other things to hurt yourself with. Therefore it is very important to be on full alert and pay close attention to what you’re doing. Therefore, you need to carefully think when planning lighting in the kitchen. All areas have to be well lit and bright.

It helps to split the kitchen into different areas. On one hand, food preparation areas need to have strong bright light. On the other hand, dining areas or kitchen island will look much better with soft muted light. This will create a much better relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Wall space
When thinking about creating storage space make sure to use every available space on kitchen walls. Tall wall cabinets will create enough space to accommodate all your kitchen needs. Make sure to use top shelves for items you very rarely use. Your bottom shelves are best suited for plates and other utensils that are used on the daily basis. Heavy items like pots and pans can go into the bottom units under your worktop. You can store them one on top of another to maximise your space the best way you can.

Kitchen island
Kitchen island should not only be a place where you cook and have your breakfast but it can also be very useful design element dividing your kitchen space and editing functionality. So how do you make the most out of it? You can hide your dishwasher and your rubbish bin inside the island. The space under the island can also be used to install additional shelves and drawers.

When choosing your worktop a lot depends on your budget. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford marble or granite you should definitely do it. High quality stone worktop is definitely worth every penny. It’s durable, long-lasting as well as looks great and adds a luxury feel to your kitchen design. Your second best option is hardwood worktop. Good quality oak or walnut worktop can add warmth and style to any kitchen. Hardwood worktops can be polished and reconditioned which means you will easily get 10 to 20 years out of it making it great value for money. By far the cheapest option available on the market is laminate worktop. They are fairly cheap but can provide a cost-effective alternative when budget is tight. In recent years glass worktops have become increasingly common. Glass worktop can create a sleek ultramodern minimalist look with its glossy finish and simplicity.